Ishizuka Soke 2022 Membership Cards
Ishizuka Soke 2022 Membership Cards

Ishizuka Soke 2022 Membership Cards

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Those wishing to train at Ishizuka Sensei's dojo (not the hombu) must have a valid membership for the year.  Training with Ishizuka Sensei is a not to be missed opportunity.

 Onmitsu Kage is the official management team for Ishizuka Dojo.
Anything related to the dojo is requested upon us to humbly fulfill on behalf of
Ishizuka Tetsuji, Bujinkan Daishihan / Gyokko Ryu Soke.

No other person or website is authorized to sell you a membership to Ishizuka Dojo, and certainly not beyond the official fee.
However, Instructors are allowed to make bulk orders for their dojos with student names provided.

You are paying for an Annual Membership, not a card. The card is simply a physical symbol of your membership.

All card numbers are personally assigned to the individuals, and are recorded into our database for confirmation. A copy of this list is frequently
updated and forwarded to Ishizuka Dojo for their records, in case your card is lost or stolen. We are happy to provide you with an official digital version
of your membership card, if you are unable to retain a physical card.

Members are given access to classes at Ishizuka Dojo in Japan, seminars and events outside of Japan, and special offers during the year.

**  Membership may be revoked, with no refunds, at any time, at the discretion of Ishizuka Dojo

Please note that we are not responsible for the following card delivery failures:

1. You don’t provide us with a complete and accurate mailing address when ordering.
2. Your country holds and/or confiscates the card at Border Customs.
3. Your country returns the shipment to us.